Island Heights Board of Health

The Island Heights Board of Health held its monthly meeting on January 9, 2008. Herman Hart and Fran Gajano were absent. Present were Tom and Eileen Mc Kenna and Claire Cagney. Betsy Hyle came to the meeting as the council liaison.

There will be a shredder available to residents in January, for them to shred documents.

The Rabies Clinic will be held at the Borough Garage on January 19, 2008 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Pat Drapszk, Eileen Mc Kenna, Betsy Hyle and Pat Bailey will be there to help Dr. Martha O’Rourke with the clinic.

Pat Drapzak has offered to be on the Board of Health. Mayor David Siddons approved the appointment. Pat will replace Claire Cagney and was a school nurse until retirement.

The Sunshine Law will go out to the paper this week. It was an oversight in December.

The Popcorn Park Zoo will be our Animal Control service.

Identity Theft Seminar will be held later this month on January 24, 2008. The location will be announced.

Dr. Kelly will come to talk to the Board of Health about cardiac care at our local hospital.

The IH Methodist Church, Pastor Jeanne, has offered to the town the use of the game room at the church for IH seniors. More to come on this.

Claire Cagney moved to close the meeting and Eileen Mc Kenna seconded it.

The meeting was closed.