Island Heights Board of Health

The Island Heights Board of Health December 9, 2008 at Island Heights Borough Hall. Pat Drapzak , Betsey Hyle, and Herman Hart were present. Absent was Fran Gajano.

The Island Heights Bd of Health will hold the annual Rabies Clinic on January 10, 2009 at the Boro Garage. Pat Drapzak, Betsey Hyle and Pat Bailey will assist. Dr. Martha O’Rourke will give the shots.

Joanne Moy came to the meeting as a new member. She moved into Island Heights this year from Pennington. She is a good addition to the board.

Herman Hart asked to resign as President. Pat Drapzak will take over as President for 2009.

The Flu Clinic was a success. There were 90 less than normal. Pat Drapzak said no bad Flu recently in our area. She feels maybe that is why the numbers are down. If we can we would like an earlier date. Pat Bailey said that the OC Board of Health sets up the clinic.

The Senior Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of every month. They meet in the IH Grade School and have been moved from the gym to the larger meeting room. It is easier access and convenience for yoga and computer. Nancy White is the yoga teacher once a week. There maybe a speaker on health. Her name is Wendy Bright and will do wellness lectures on Thursdays. OC Health Department also has speakers for Thursdays.

Claire may be coming back to be on the Board of Health.

Meeting adjourned.