Island Heights Board of Health

The Island Heights Board of Health held its meeting on April 14, 2009 at Island Heights Borough Hall. Joanne Moy-Robinson, Herman Hart, and Fran Gajano. Absent were Pat Drapczak and Claire Baney.

Meeting was brought to order at 9:07 AM.

Fran Gajano approved the minutes with a date correction and Herman Hart seconded them.

We now have 6 members so Claire Cagney will wait until there is an opening.

Trucks parked on Cedar Avenue seem to be a problem to the residents on that street Ellie (borough clerk) said there is no ordinance prohibiting trucks from parking there. The ordinance only covers boat trailers.

There was a Health Clinic in Holiday City last week. The seniors could get answers to many questions. It was suggested that maybe be would look into this for Island Heights. It was put on by Health Care Institute of New Jersey. Contact IH BOE for their telephone number.

Fran Gajano moved to adjourn the meeting and Joann seconded it.

Patricia C. Bailey, Sec.