Island Heights Board of Health

The Island Heights Board of Health held its meeting on May 12, 2009 at Island Heights Borough Hall. Pat Drapzak, Herman Hart, and Claire Baney were present. Absent were Fran Gajano and Joanne Moy-Robinson. Claire Cagney is the member that was not voted on so she will wait for an opening to come.

Meeting was brought to order at 9:15 AM. Claire Baney approved the minutes and Herman Hart seconded it.

The Hot Dog truck on Central Avenue had its food handlers inspection.

Swine Flu does not seem to be a problem here.

The geese droppings again are a problem. Maybe we should encourage people to walk their dogs on the Wanamaker property, if they pick up after the dogs. We could place a bag dispenser on the property.

Claire Baney asked about clearing out the Dillons Creek behind her house. The fallen trees and debris make it a mess. It was suggested that she talk to Mary Judge.

Claire Baney moved to adjourn the meeting and Herman Hart seconded it.

Patricia C. Bailey, Sec.