Island Heights Board of Health

The Island Heights Board of Health held its meeting on June 9, 2009 at Island Heights Borough Hall. Claire Baney and Betsy Hyle were present. Absent were Herrman Hart, Pat Drapzak and Joanne Moy-Robinson. Meeting was brought to order at 9:10AM.

Minutes were approved by Fran Gajano and seconded by Claire Baney.

Council Member Greg Heizler went to a seminar on goose droppings but most are very expensive. One solution is a goose dropping vacuum that we may be able to share with another community. You can now walk leashed dogs on the Wanamaker field in hopes we will scare off the geese. Bags are available to clean up after your dog.

The Dillon's Creek that goes by Lake Spring Court is filled with debris. Yellow Crown Heron is ther and are very rare. We could and should clean it out so the water can flow. Mary Judge is on the Estuary Commission and may also get volunteers to help. Some of the trash may come from the old Sunoco gas station. We will ask for help, the meeting is next Wednesday.

There is a lot of water on the street in front of Bailey's and Bonomo's house. They were told it will be fixed soon. There is also a tree with a broken branch leaning on another branch and they both may fall.

Food inspections were done on all the food establishments in the borough this month.

Council Member Al Gabriel will take over for Betsy Hyle as our liaison to the council. They will work together.

Claire Baney moved to close the meeting and Fran Gajano seconded it.

Sincerely, Patricia C. Bailey, Secretary