Island Heights Board of Health

The Island Heights Board of Health held its meeting on August 11, 2009 at Island Heights Borough Hall. Fran Gajano, Joanne Moy-Robinson and Claire Baney were present. Absent were Herman Hart and Pat Drapzak.

Meeting was brought to order at 9:08AM.

Claire Baney is the way you spell Claire's name. The minutes were accepted as corrected by Fran Gajano and seconded by Joanne Moy.

Joanne saw Inger Sislers daughter, Donna and she cleaned the property up.

The bats have white nose fungus and are becoming extinct in Ocean County. The bats help to reduce the insects.

The hot dog stand was inspected that sits on Lake Avenue and Central Avenue. A letter was read about the remediation of the pollution at the old Sunoco gas station site on Route 37. It is also being monitored. There was also a sewer line break at Brake O Rama. It was fixed by 7/31/09.

Green Peace was out cleaning Brown's Woods. Claire will call Green Peace and see if they will clean out the Dillon's Creek between West End Avenue and the Toms River.

The oil tank on the property at Van Sant Avenue and Bay Avenue seems to still be unresolved. There is still a fence and no action around the hole.

A stop smoking poster contest was discussed for the fall. Claire Baney will go to the school and talk to the principal about doing a dental health care class.

Fran Gajano moved to close the meeting and Claire Baney seconded it. Meeting was closed.

Sincerely, Patricia C. Bailey, Secretary