Island Heights Board of Health

The Island Heights Board of Health held its meeting on September 12, 2010 at Island Heights Borough Hall. Pat Bailey, Pat Drapzak and Claire Cagney were present. Absent was Herman Hart, Joanne Moy and Claire Baney.

The meeting came to order at 9:15 AM.

There was a complaint about 131 East End Avenue with a weed problem.  It needs to be taken care of and a letter will go out to have them take care of the grass.

Nelson’s Boatyard’s blue building had a complaint that sewage was going into the river.  Mr. Blunt registered the complaint but it was found that it was not sewage at all but water.

There was a complaint that Bill Lehndorff was keeping cats in a parked van.  The problem is that one of the cats was taken to the veterinarian and found to have aids.  The van looks disabled.  Pat went to the police and they took care of the problem.

Pat Drapzak moved to close the meeting and Claire Cagney seconded it.


Patricia C. Bailey, Secretary