The Environmental Committee shall provide the governing body
with information & recommended actions pertaining to
the betterment of the environment

February 21, 2007

The Environmental Committee strongly encourages that the Mayor and Council act upon the Resolution for the denial of the re-licensing of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant.

The obvious fact of great concern is that Oyster Creek is the oldest operating plant in the United States. As well that there is stored on site significant amounts of nuclear waste (450 tons) in a vulnerable position of 70 feet above ground. The plant is within a highly populated area, within a county where the population is soaring, within the most densely developed state in the union.

Barring the antiquated plant and the serious post 9-11 security concerns the environmental issues are as well of serious concern. Thermal pollution: the Oyster Creek discharge canal is extremely warm (up to 110 degrees) which alters the natural character of the Rivers and Bay.

Fish eggs and larvae flow through the intake grate and are killed by the plants cooling process. Since the significant environmental issues are caused by intake and discharge problems, one of the solutions would be a closed-cycle cooling system. This calls for the installation of cooling towers which reduces intake and discharge by 95%.


The Environmental Committee encourages that the US Postal Office Branch of Island Heights place and have ready for the use of the residents recycling bins for all newsprint in the form of sales flyers, weekly specials and local newspapers which are delivered to all of the boroughs mail boxes.

Having available bins for the recycling of above items will encourage and promote recycling. As well, it will remove significant amounts of recyclable newsprint out of the garbage cycle.

Adhering to borough recycling rules and recycling schedules will only enhance the Post Office as an active and agreeable participant and supporter of Island Heights Recycling Program.


The Environmental Committee encourages that the Mayor and the Council consider that the annual festival of Sail Fest is a perfect opportunity to create a model recycling program.

Embracing recycling within a large public venue and utilizing all local, county and state resources available will only enhance the true nature of the celebration: the celebration of the Toms River and Barnegat Bay. Encouraging, promoting and celebrating the recycling concept is paramount. To encourage environmental vendors to be represented opens up a wider rental audience and as well opens up to the public an active and vital educational opportunity.

To celebrate and fully utilize that which is seriously threatened can be done successfully. Each opportunity to educate and remind one another of our responsibilities is to be seriously considered and when there is the opportunity of a large scale example, it should be seriously embraced.